Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tiger Rice Cooker

If you are thinking of buying a Tiger Rice Cooker, then you are likely on the right track to choosing an excellent appliance that will serve you well for years to come. Tiger Rice Cookers are some of the most reputable on the market, and for very good reason. Their design and utility consistenly give them top marks in consumer reviews.

One great thing about Tiger rice cooker units is that they are typically very compact and can fit in a small corner of your kitchen counter or cupboard. That is always a graet bonus, because all of you homemakers no how space is at a premium. Another thing that makes Tiger cookers popular is their ease of use. They have very few moveable parts, so all you really have to do is put in the rice and the water and push a button. There are some more advanced functions of course, but simply pushing a button will make you high quality rice every time.

It's a small point, but another thing that consumers like is the retractable cords that Tiger units have.

Here is an example of a great Tiger rice cooker, the JAG-B10U. It retails for $105.67 on Amazon. It features both a cooker and warmer functions. The warm function can be used for up to 12 hours, allowing you to serve from the same pot of rice all day long if you have some kind of event. It also has a programmable timer that can be set up to 12 hours ahead. It has a removable non-stick pan, and is incredibly easy to clean. It also comes with the usual accessories like a spatula and a 6 oz. measuring cup.

Another great Tiger unit is the America 10 cup Electric cooker, also known as the JNP-1800. The great thing about this rice cooker is that it keeps your rice warm until serving time without time limit, and your rice will not turn hard and brown. It will remain white and soft as it should. So you won't have to worry about the quality of your rice if you have to prepare some in advance. This cooker is made in Japan and is high quality and durable. Consumers report having these units for up to 17 years. Cheaper units that are made in China are also produced by Tiger, but the slightly higher price for a Japanese cooker is worth it for the quality that we expect from Tiger.

Tiger rice cooker units are trustworthy and give great value for money.

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