Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aroma 3-Cup Rice Cooker ARC-733G

Aroma ARC-733G 3-Cup Pot Style Rice Cooker and Food SteamerThe Aroma ARC-733G 3 Cup Rice Cooker is a low-priced, good little rice cooker that gets the job done. I'm happy about the size and convenience of this little machine. In addition to that it's super simple to cook a small serving of rice quickly. But no matter how hard I try, I just can not figure out a way to stop the rice from getting hard and brown on the bottom. I have tried spraying non-stick spray on the pot before using it. I have also tried cooking with more water than the instructions dictate. However, always there is at least a small bit of rice sticking to to the base after the cooking is over. I've simply decided that my other steamer-rice cooker that I have used for ages is a better rice cooker, despite taking a longer time to get ready and clean than this unit.

Some buyers of the Aroma ARC-733G 3-Cup Rice Cooker claim that taking out the pan right after you finish cooking stops the scorching and sticking. This at least gives a partial solution to those who really want unscorched rice and already have this cooker. But to me a warming feature is an essential function for any rice cooker to have, because I'm usually busy with other things while cooking and can not attend to my rice right away.

A couple added points about this little rice cooker:

- It is not dishwasher-safe. You need to clean this unit's pot by hand.

- Always be careful that the exterior of the removable pot is not wet prior to using it. If the removeable cooking pot is placed inside the rice cooker when it'swet, it may harm this product, causing it to malfunction.

Also, unfortunately, it's basically a throwaway rice cooker. It is really cheap, but if it breaks, you can return it to Aroma, but they make you pay for shipping and handling costs. If that's the case, it makes sense to just purchase a new one at this price.

So by and large despite this being a low budget unit with no frills and the manufacturer won't bend over backwards to repair it for you, for individuals on a strict budget this is a good little basic unit that will help you prepare some pretty decent rice.

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