Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Aroma Rice Cooker

Up until this point we've been looking at high quality rice cookers that sell for over $100 and have a lot of automated features, but today we'll look at a company that provides more basic products at a lower price for those people who can't currently afford to spend the money for a more advanced machine. Today we are looking at Aroma rice cookers.

Aroma Rice cooker ARC-737G 7 cupThe Aroma ARC-737G is a 7 cup rice cooker that is produced in a pot style. It retails for only $19.99! Is that even possible? Yes it is. This is a good basic rice cooker that cooks good rice. But the catch is that it does not have automated settings or smart technology like "fuzzy logic" so you may have to play around with the settings a little bit to find ones you like. Its pan is also not a no-stick pan, so after cooking their may be some burnt brown rice stuck to the bottom of the pan that you have to clean off. And this Aroma rice cooker also leaves a little bit of a film on the counter top. Some consumers suggest placing a small towel under the cooker, which will prevent this. Overall, this unit is a good value for its low price, but using it requires some more effort than using a more advanced machine.

Aroma Rice cooker ARC-838TC 16 cup Digital Cool TouchAnother larger option for a slightly higher price is the Aroma ARC-838TC 16 Cup Digital Cool Touch rice cooker. Despite its low price of $34.99 this Aroma rice cooker can simultaneously steam meat and vegetables while you cook your rice. It also has a fairly flexible timer that can be set up to 15 hours ahead, and its auto-warming function can continue for up to 12 hours. This really is a pretty good rice cooker. So why is it only $34.99? Well, it is not fancy, and lacks some features. For example, it is not dishwasher-safe and you have to wash this by hand (which is easy, by the way). It also doesn't include a bunch of pre-programmed settings like the more advanced units have. So people who are really into eating rice every day and trying various kinds of rice, this rice cooker may not be versatile enough. But for the average American family who just wants some decent rice for part of a meal, this unit is a solid choice and very affordable.

Aroma rice cookers are a great option for those who value saving money over gourmet quality.

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