Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Oster Rice Cookers

Another company that produces kitchen appliances is Oster. Oster rice cookers are mostly in the lower-mid price range and offer lots of options for basic cookers for those on a budget. By all measures Osters get the job done and make some rice for you, but consumers don't recommened them as highly as they do some other brands.

Oster Rice Cooker 5 cupLet's look at an example Oster rice cooker. This is the Oster 4722. It is a 5 cup rice cooker and includes a steaming tray for meat and vegetables so you can make a full meal all in one go. That's pretty good for a rice cooker that sells for only $24.99. But it's not an automated machine. You have to stir the rice every 15 minutes or even more often, as though you were using a regular pot. If you don't do that often enough then the rice will stick to the bottom of the pan. Some consumers also say that the rice ends up being too sticky. It can also be hard to clean up because of the hard rice at the bottom sticking to the pot, as well as the sticky rice. Perhaps a nonstick rice cooker that requires no intermittent stirring would be better. What is the point of a rice cooker if you have to stir? It's basically just a pot.

Oster Rice cooker 10 cup 4715Here is another Oster Rice cooker, the 4715 10 cup rice cooker. It retails for $34.99. Unlike the Oster 4722, this one can left to cook on its own without having to stir every few minutes. That convenience is definitely worth the extra 10 dollars! However, the quality of rice isn't the greatest and many people still report burning at the bottom of the pot even though this is supposed to be an automatic unit. A lot of customers also report breakage with weeks or just a couple of months of purchase, so durability of this product is definitely an issue.

So unfortunately I can't recommend Oster rice cookers based on these issues. Cuisinart offers many items in a similar price range which may serve you better.

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