Monday, November 9, 2009

Progressive International Microwaveable Rice Cooker Set

Progressive International Microwaveable Rice Cooker Progressive International Microwaveable Rice Cooker Set

Please notice that this is different from the Progressive International Microwave Rice and Pasta cooker set

I've purchased this appliance two times! I am really the only person who loves rice in my family and this unit suits my requirements perfectly!

Very little rice is ruined in the end (if any at all) and it's great and speedy if you merely want to make 1 or two servings.

It makes a difference what variety of rice you make in relation to the quantity of water you employ. In my case I use only long grain rice and I usually use the more costly "basmati" rice that is a great deal healthier for you.

You can cook the sticky short grain rice but it makes a mess on the exterior of the appliance (gets it sticky) from the steam that leaves the unit during cooking. Other than that, it functions quite well.

Now my personal directions on how to prepare 1 SERVING: I utilize the rice scoop that comes with it. One scoop of dry rice (which is around 3/4 of a cup) rinse methodically, add 1-1/4 scoops of water (about 1 cup). If your microwave has a power level, adjust it to seven and cook it for 12 to 13 min. You may need to use trial and error with cooking times and power level for your style of microwave.

Hint: If your rice comes out too mushy, add more time (or lower the water content), if it comes out stuck together in one big lump .. reduce the cooking time, or add a little more water.

Remove it from the microwave, open the lid (Be careful! It gets awfully hot!), and include some butter (so much for the healthy part!) while fluffing the rice up and shut the lid for about 2 minutes.

That's all, around fifteen minutes and you have cooked rice!

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