Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sanyo 3-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker

My previous rice cooker unit splashed liquid onto the counter and made messes. But this Sanyo 3-1/2-Cup Micro-Computerized rice cooker is very clean, and nothing comes into contact with the counter at all. It cooks fantastic rice and warms it and keeps it ready to eat all day long. I have only 2 small complaints which are so minor that I still give the unit a 5-star rating:

1. The measurement unit is for cooked rice, not dry rice. You need to make use of the special measurment cup to count out the correct amount of rice. If you use 1 cup of raw rice but fill the water level to the one cup mark then the finished rice will be extremely dry. It is more logical to measure raw rice because that's what you're scooping in the measuring cup.

2. It is not possible to change the internal clock batter. The watch battery looks welded or bolted into the battery-holder. I guess that's fine. When the battery dies a few years from now it'll most likely be time to purchase a newer rice cooker anyhow.

I like this rice cooker a lot! The finished rice is so tasty that I often just cook white rice and eat it with nothing but just a bit of soy sauce.

It cooks rice to perfection, and warms quite well. The rice does get somewhat hardened after four or five hours of the warming feature, and after 8 hours it becomes too hard to enjoy eating. If this occurs, I just put in a bit of water and hit the cook button once more. It rehydrates the rice fast (far faster than needing to make the rice from scratch.
I make rice pretty much every day, and feel that the preparation time and quality is higher than most rice cookers. The interface is quite simple to manage, and does a lot to improve the functionality of the unit.

This is a good rice cooker in the $100 range and its warming function is quite good over a period of a few hours. If you frequently leave rice sitting after it finishes cooking, then you may want to find a unit with a longer-lasting keep-warm function.

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