Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Rival RC61 3-Cup Rice Cooker

The rival RC61 3-cup rice cooker
Retailing for just $23.95, the Rival RC61 3-Cup rice cooker is a simple rice cooker that gets the basic job done but not much more. For the price it's pretty decent cooker. It holds 6 cups of dry rice, and has just 2 functions: a cook function and a keep-warm function. That's it! Simple. Maybe some people who don't like to get into the fine details of cooking will appreciate that simplicity. But experienced cooks will certainly find that limiting.

It has a useful dome glass lid that keeps in heat and moisture, and its handles stay cool and safe for lifting. I like the handles because they are large, and they are hook handles so you can put your fingers through them for extra lifting security.

The parts are not dishwasher-safe, but that is to be expected from a rice cooker of this price range. But it is actually easy to handwash the inner pot since it is removeable and non-stick.

The rice produced by this cooker is good. And if you follow the included instructions, you are unlikely to experience burnt or sticky rice. The biggest problem with this unit is that some white frothy bubbles spill out through the lid while you're cooking, so you have to be careful of where you place the cooker. It cook spill out and make a mess of your counter. You can solve that by putting some kind of towel or sheet underneath, or by place it over the sink, or something of that nature.

The Rival RC61 3-Cup Rice Cooker wouldn't be my first choice of a rice cooker because of its extreme simplicity and its somewhat messy spillage. But if $20-$25 is all you can spare at the moment, then this will do the trick and you'll always have some good simple rice to eat.

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