Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thunder Group 50 Cup Rice Cooker

Thunder Group Rice Cooker, Lp Gas, 50 Cup Capacity, Removable Cover, Keeps Rice Up To 6 Hours, Flame Failure

This is a massive 50 cup capacity rice cooker. Obviously, most families don't need a rice cooker this big. But this is a commercial rice cooker that can cook large amounts of rice at a time and keep it warm for hours as it is used to make various dishes for restaurant or diners customers. This is gas powered rather than electric powered. And it has a flame failure safety device so that you don't have to worry about fires. This is a great unit for large scale cooking and automation. You would never make a bunch of separate small servings of rice for each customer. This big unit takes care of that for you. Just make rice once at the beginning and you're done, unless you run out, in which case congratulations on a successful business!

This 50 Cup Thunder Group rice cooker is a good commercial cooker for restaurants and cafes.

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