Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thunder Group Inc Rice Cooker - 55 Cups Capacity

This rice cooker from Thunder Group and Rinnai (from Japan) is another mammoth commercial rice cooker with a capacity of 55 cups of dry rice. That is around 100 bowls of cooked rice! And it makes it in just 22 minutes. That means that even if your business is going so well that you run out of rice part way through the dining hours, you can make more and it won't keep your guests waiting too long. This is very important in the service industry.

It has a removable cooker, and a flame failure safety device. It weighs about 45 lbs, or around 20 kilograms, when it is empty. That is pretty good for a unit of this capacity.

If you need a commercial rice cooker this is another generous choice.

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