Friday, January 15, 2010

Benefits of Using a Microwave Rice Cooker

You love cooking for your family and serving them healthy and nutritious dishes; with much time consumed slaving before a hot stove. Thanks to new technology which have invented and introduced modern kitchen appliances. One that is worthy to mention is the microwave rice cooker.

The traditional way of cooking rice has been quite a problem in using the right measurement and maintaining the right heat to cook the rice to perfection. If not properly done, rice would either be undercooked or burnt.

There are many benefits derived in using this type of rice cooker. Rice is an important part of so many kinds of dishes, especially ethnic preparations. Variety of rice is used as white rice, jasmine rice, brown rice, wild rice and others. Rice is inexpensive, a good stomach filler and healthy. Furthermore, it adds quality to many dishes.

When you use a microwave rice cooker, you simplify your task.  It is also a fast way to cook rice. You can easily follow the measuring instruction: add the stated quantity of water to the rice, close the lid, place the container inside the microwave and press the settings and after a few minutes the delicious rice aroma will pervade your kitchen. The rice is ready to be served. This is a more efficient way to cook rice especially when there are guests or for the busy housewife.

You find time to experiment the variety of food you can cook in microwave rice cooker, such as grains, grits and even resollo.

This appliance is a labor saver and will give you more time to prepare other complicated dishes for your family. It highest advantages are in its simplicity, variety of uses, convenience and economy of time and effort. It cooks every grain of rice to perfection – not firm, soft or sticky. It is fluffy, the kind of rice that you want on your table.

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