Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choosing The Best Rice Cooker For Your Home

Chinese fried rice, Paella, Japanese sushiâ?¦ many of our favorite dishes has rice in them. In fact, rice is a staple food in most if not all Asian countries. Rice is also popular in the western part of the world. The reason for the popularity of rice is that it is both healthy and versatile. There are numerous ways by which rice can be used in a dish. However, in order to cook rice, you must first have a rice cooker.

Choosing a rice cooker for your kitchen can be very overwhelming, with all the different kinds of rice cookers sold in the market today. You do not need a state-of-the-art rice cooker. An average-priced automatic rice cooker is sufficient. One of the factors you need to consider, other than the price, is the rice cooker's capacity. Rice cookers may hold around one to ten cups of rice. It is important for you to determine how much rice you and your family consumes, so that you can have an idea of the size of the rice cooker that you want to buy. Another factor to consider is the rice cooker's interior pan. Rice has the tendency to become sticky once it is cooked. Therefore, it is better to choose a rice cooker with a non-stick interior pan. Ordinary rice cookers come with only one setting for cooking rice. More advanced ones have settings for cooking different kinds of rice. Some rice cookers are more efficient than other rice cookers.

There are many types of rice cookers. Among them are: the basic rice cookers, the cook-and-keep-warm rice cookers, the fuzzy logic rice cookers, and the induction heating rice cookers. The basic rice cooker is cheaper compared to other types of rice cookers. It does not have many features. It only has an on/off button and it automatically turns off once the rice is cooked. It usually comes with an aluminum interior pan. The cook-and-keep-warm rice cooker does not automatically turn off once the rice is cooked, but switches to a lower temperature to keep the cooked rice warm. It comes with a steaming tray to cook other food, other than rice and some models have timers that can keep cooked rice warm for up to twelve hours. The fuzzy logic rice cooker has more features than the basic and the cook-and-keep-warm rice cooker. It has settings to cook rice in different ways, as well as produce cooked rice with different textures. Similar to a cook-and-keep warm rice cooker, it can also keep cooked rice warm and also comes with a timer and a steaming tray. The induction heating rice cooker is the most efficient of all rice cookers. It has heating coils that generate heat from the bottom of the interior pan, resulting in evenly cooked rice. Its efficiency lies in the fact that it does not use electricity to generate heat, but to cook the rice.

Rice cookers come in different models. They are made from different materials such as Teflon, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. They even come with their own safety features like fuse protectors and automatic cord reels. Depending on your needs and your budget, there is a perfect rice cooker just for you.

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