Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Commercial Rice Cookers Ideas

Getting ready for that Christmas event? In-charge of a wedding banquet for hundreds of people? Big audiences cry out for the right tools for the job. If you have a big party make sure you invest in a reliable piece of kit- a commercial rice cooker. You'll find that it resolves your requirement. It meets the needs of food businesses in larger situations. A heavy-duty commercial rice cooker does the work for you when this is your need.

Enjoy it you need to prepare a lot of rice. Everybody who needs to prepare large volumes of rice should pick up a commercial rice cooking system. Even some household kitchens have one for that special occasion. These type of rice cookers can can handle as much as a massive five dozen cups of uncooked rice an amount that satisfies the biggest audiences. Not only is it versatile, it also saves time and manpower. It can basically operate on its own with less attention needed. In addition to cooking large portions of standard white rice, commercial grade rice cookers can cook brown rice, risottos, broths and even steamed vegetables.

More and more commercial rice cookers can be purchased online. From basic features to highly advanced innovations, you can take your pick. Just balance your budget against your requirements. Whether you choice gas or electric, computerized or manual, you can delight your audience with the rice you serve.

Here are some noteworthy features to have in your commercial rice cooker:

- A heater not just on the bottom, but on the sides as well, to keep the rice warm and moist throughout the pan.
- Teflon or no-stick lining for ease in cleaning. Prevents rice from sticking in the pan also.

- 24-hours keep warm feature for added convenience
- Cool touch exterior or heat resistant control panel and handles for safety
- Air-tight lids to lock in food moisture and flavor

- Easy to prepare and clean

Weigh your choices carefully before you make a decision. At the same time, you can't go wrong with any of today's premium machines.

Technology is always getting better, and it's true with these fine appliances as well. The recent revolution of computer-controlled units is a great example of that - today you can count on a computerized rice cooker to give you flawless results without you having to even lift a finger.

It's a big jump when you move from cooking for small groups to large gatherings. The cookware you used for six or eight people simply won't do the job when you need to serve one hundred people at the same time. You'll drive yourself crazy if you try!

Today, you can find some great manufacturers of commercial rice cookers. Sanyo, Zujiroshi, and Panasonic are three of the best known, but there are others as well. All the major manufacturers back their products with strong guarantees, and good retailers will take care of you also.

Ray Martin uses Commercial Rice Cookers in his restaurant in New Orleans called "Ray's & Rudy's".

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