Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker; pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker

  • This versatile 3-in-1 cooker can be used as a pressure cooker to prepare quick and delicious meals. Cooking under pressure is the healthiest and fastest way to cook; it retains all the minerals and vitamins, while cooking your meals in up to 70% less time.
  • The rice cooking program prepares anything from sushi rice to delicious rice pudding. Add the ingredients, close the lid and press the rice cooking button. Your rice will be steamed and ready to enjoy in just 6 minutes. Perfect rice dishes every time!
  • The slow cooking function offers flexible timing up to 9.5 hours. Enjoy the tender taste of a savory slow cooked meal at the end of a busy day. Assemble your meal in the morning and dinner will be waiting for you; the multi-cooker will even keep it warm.
  • The self-locking lid comes with an automatic pressure release setting, and will not open while there is pressure inside. The 6 qt removable cooking pot is dishwasher safe and non-stick coated.
  • The chic brushed stainless steel design comes with soft-touch controls buttons, two independent pressure control valves and anti-overheating protection for added security. Complete with 40 delicious recipes that are guaranteed to please all palates.

Product Description
Fagor's 6 qt. Electric Multi-Cooker is a pressure cooker, a slow cooker and a rice cooker in one. It also features a brown and a warm function for a truly one-pot-cooking, and a six quart removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe and nonstick coated for easy cleanup. PROGRAMS: The pressure cooking program drastically reduces cooking time. Choose between high (9 psi) and low (5 psi) pressure to prepare a great variety of healthy meals in minutes. Use the s... More >>

Fagor 3-in-1 Electric Multi-Cooker; pressure cooker, slow cooker and rice cooker

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