Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Steamer

I bought the Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker rice cooker approximately a year and a half ago and have really liked making use of it all the time! Cleaning it is no problem, can keep cooked rice warm for hours and is awfully simple to operate! I had shopped and considered the high priced machines but this unit does an excellent job for an extremely good price so I'm thankful that I didn't pay any more. We are using it to make basmati rice these days since we bought a massive sack of it at the shop. With this rice cooker it turns out delicious each time!

Here we are 1 and a half years later and the 8 Cup Aroma ARC-838TC is is still working perfectly! We use it all the time - a minimum of two times a week, usually more. I usually cook 2 big pots of rice for the average week's demands. The 1st of the batches is just a regular batch (6 to eight cups) of white Basmati rice. The 2nd is that same basmati rice, this time cooked in chicken broth in place of water. This rice is so incredibly good I usually eat it for lunch fresh out of the pot! Zap a few vegetables and it becomes a nourishing and yummy little meal or snack.

With the economy in trouble, this Aroma rice cooker has been a piece of good fortune. By experimenting, I have discovered scores of different methods of using rice so that we don't run the risk of becoming bored with it. By cooking sizeable amounts of rice, I save both time and energy. I also add it to different kinds of leftovers to help extend our grocery budget a little further. You may be astonished at all those delectable casseroles you can cook up with leftovers, a bit of rice and cheese!

At a list price of $34.99 the Aroma ARC-838TC 8-Cup Rice Cooker really is a great deal and I would highly recommend it.

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