Monday, October 26, 2009

Panasonic SRG06FG 3 Cup Rice Cooker

The Panasonic SRG06FG 3-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker is an excellent, but basic rice cooker. There are no really advanced features that more expensive rice cookers have (no auto-warming ability, no different settings, etc.), but it's effective for making rice, it's compact, and sold at a reasonable price. Prior to buying this one, we owned another simple machine made by another company that broke down. We replaced it with an identical unit, then it broke down too. After wasting two rice cookers, we decided to pay five dollars extra to get another brand- this Panasonic SRG06FG 3 cup rice cooker. There've been no problems with it, and the non-stick pot is great. With our last rice cooker, the rice used to always stick to the bottom of the pot, so we couldn't eat all of it. This Panasonic 3-cup does not give us any problem like that, so we're free to prepare smaller amounts of rice without wasting much of it. I have made white rice, brown rice, and "quinoa" in this rice cooker, and all of them tasted nice.

The Panasonic SRG06FG rice cooker is good for people like me who have limited counter space and who don't plan to make more than small quantities at a time. It looks good, doesn't take up the entire counter, is a cinch to clean, and gives you great rice each time. I don't recommend it if you want to make more than about 2 cups at a time, though. Even though it is called a 3-cup rice cooker, I think that's pushing it and it would possibly boil over. A great rice cooker for those who live in loft or single bedroom apartments where space is a premium.

It retails for between $25 and $30.

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