Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nordic Ware Microwave 8 Cup Rice Cooker

Nordic Ware Microwave 8 Cup rice cooker
Nordic Ware 8 Cup Microwave Rice Cooker

The Nordic Ware 8 cup Microwave rice cooker is ideal for people who either: a) are not big rice eaters and don't make rice often enough to warrant buying a standalone rice cooker, or b) eat lots of rice but don't have a very spacious kitchen or apartment. You could save space just by cooking rice on the stove top, but that doesn't give you anywhere near ideal taste.

I was impressed by how impeccably the white rice turned out, just how it would in a full-on rice cooker. I cooked the rice on high setting for ten minutes, because my microwave oven doesn't have a medium setting. I did not bother precisly measuring 1 cup of rice and 1.5 cups of water. I used my eyes only to measure about a cup and then stuck to the standard rule of the being double the height of the rice line (what I mean is, if you doubled the height of the rice, it would line up to the water line).

The rice water residue tends to come out through the vents of the lid. It didn't make a mess inside the microwave oven, though. The indented party of the lid succeeded in containing it all. One other small thing that I noticed is that from time to time the lid needs help closing completely shut. The parts of the lid handles aren't a problem, but the parts of the outer edge of the lid farthest from the often need an additoinal push to close the container completely shut. It's not a big thing; it requires an additional...what, two seconds or so to check that the lid is on tightly.

I have not tried making brown-rice in it just yet, so I can not say guess how it'll do with it.

I enjoy this rice cooker quite a bit. It's nice and convenient, quick, affordable, and makes white rice impeccably.

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