Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cuisinart CRC-400 4-Cup Rice Cooker

Cuisinart CRC-400 4-Cup Rice CookerLearn about cuisinart rice cookers

I was incredibly ecstatic to discover this flamboyant looking stainless steel cube shaped design and was looking forward to getting rid of my last simple rice steamer in favor of this one until I realized some issues and decided to return it and stick to my tried and true big unit. First of all, any rice pot would be very hot at the end of a cooking cycle and I can envision difficult problems taking it out with oven mitts unless you want to carry the entire unit and still encounter troubles maintaining the steadiness of the cooking pot within for the purpose of scooping the rice out. Second of all, the steamer basket is practically too little for practical use with this size cooker and even though it fits nicely into the machine for storage there aren't any handles on the sides to help you lift it. You'd need to use 2 mitt-covered hands to take it out. Third, as nice as stainless-steel rice cooker appears, you are always cleaning up after fingerprints. Fourth I simply don't believe any non-stick pot can tolerate the dishwasher as they suggest to clean the cook pot. There are no non-stick products today that can tolerate that sort of abuse for very long. Rice that is finished cooking sticks badly even in a no stick pot and you normally have to soak prior to scrubbing by hand. Why bother with a dishwasher? Fifthly the retracting cord even if it's nice likely will not last in terms of its function. I've never seen retractable cord you can rely on.

One additional point. So far it has spilled over and gotten the counter wet every time I've used it! Before you mutter,"you are adding too much water", let me remind you I've never encountered this trouble with my trusty, if unsightly, previous rice cooker I picked up in Chinatown. Do I wish for a rice cooker for which I must modify the recipe in order to make it function properly? No, I don't.

I suppose I'll wait until I see a product that functions better and not just be taken in by appearance.

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